About Us

Our Mission

Believing in your desire to succeed, we give flight to your dreams. Ensuring a pleasant Australian Immigration experience, we bridge the gap between visa applicants and the destination of their dreams.

FTS Education & Visa Services

Empowering and giving flight to your dreams, FTS Education & Visa Services ensures accessibility and ease through its unparalleled multinational immigration services. Therefore, from the perfect mix of migration and educational services, it has carved its niche as a leading immigration service provider by bridging the gap between students and their dream destination.  Overcoming the need of boundless immigration procedures, it has simplified the process from daunting to simply effortless.  In addition to striking the balance between empathy and professionalism, it offers services based on the clients need.

Our Vision

Providing supreme immigration services, we strive towards creating ground-breaking economic, educational and growth opportunities for our clients through effortless ease and simple procedures.

Immigration Process

Located in Sydney, we have designed our services keeping our visa applicants’ perspective in mind. Incorporating a touch of empathy ensures a high success rate and pleasant immigration experience. Our team of industry professionals makes the distressing immigration procedure seem like a breeze.

  • Incorporating a touch of humanity, each applicant is assigned a personalized Case Manager.
  • We ensure the Manager speaks your language to ensure a comfortable and effortless experience.
  • Having partnered with several colleges and universities in Australia, we provide students with a wide array of colleges/destinations to choose from.

Empowering your desire to move to Australia, we encourage educational and financial growth by securing the best opportunities for you.

Student Visa

We believe in your dream of studying and succeeding in Australia. With a plethora of opportunities, Fast Track to Success can help you choose from a wide array of options and opportunities that will set you on the path to success. Applying for a visa may seem like a hassle and an impossible feat, but FTS can turn this experience into a breeze.

Full-time education and training in Australia with a Student Visa can bring forward a variety of opportunities. Thus, the type of visa depends on the course you’ll be studying and its duration. Moreover, for a course longer than 3 months, you can avail a Student Visa. With unmatchable options, we can provide excellent educational opportunities that ensure economic growth.

Temporary Visa

With a Temporary Visa you can visit Australia to stay for a temporary period of time. While the duration of stay is short, a temporary visa is easier to access and is a much simpler process. This Visa lets you visit Australia for business activities or tourism. With a Temporary Work Visa, you can work in the country for a short period of time. You can make the most of this temporary visit with FTS. Fast Track to Success can help you easily avail the best opportunities through a temporary visit.

Skilled Visa

A Skilled Visa is specifically for skilled workers or professionals hoping to migrate to Australia. To apply for a Skilled Visa, you must crosscheck the Skilled Occupations List and verify if you meet the eligibility requirements. On completing a Skills Assessment, you must submit your application through Skill Select, Australia’s General Skilled Migration program. It is a points-based system where applicants must score a minimum of 60 points to be eligible for migration. Fast Track to Success can guide you with your Skill Assessment helping you easily avail the Skilled Visa to Australia. We can walk you through this entire process of Skilled Visa application without any complicated procedures ensuring a delightful immigration experience.